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Corporate News | Softing Confirms 2018 Guidance

Softing shows a very positive development of sales and profit in its thirds quarter. The outlook for the fourth quarter remains positive. Therefore, Softing confirms its guidance of EUR 80 million sales and EUR 4 million EBIT, excluding start-up costs for the acquisition of Globalmatix AG. Softing expects to finish the year on the upper end of the guidance.

For the first three quarters of 2018 Softing reports an order intake of EUR 65.7 million (2017: EUR 58.6 million). Total sales amounts to 60.5 million (2017: 58.4 million). EBIT amounts to EUR 2.4 million (2017: 0.6 million), of which EUR 1.3 million have been generated in the third quarter.

Softing will publish the complete set of data for its third quarter on November 15th, as indicated in the financial calendar. It will then be available for download on Softing’s investor relation homepage (



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