Corporate News | Preliminary Q1 2015 figures: Increase in turnover by 8% – Earnings (EBIT) increased by 14%

With an 8% increase in turnover up to EUR 17.3 Mio. Million, (EUR 16.1 million) Softing could expand its business volume in the first quarter. Mainly driven by Softing’s successful acquisitions the EBIT increased to EUR 1.15 million (EUR 1.0 million). The consolidated after tax profit of EUR 0.7 million is almost identical to the one in previous year. EPS amounted to 0.11 EUR (0.10 EUR) despite an increase of capital in the summer 2014.  

The Industrial Automation segment increased its turnover by EUR 4.5 million. As indicated before, this increase mainly resulted from the acquisitions executed in 2014.The Automotive Electronics segment showed a lower turnover compared with 2015. This is due to an extraordinary peek of deliveries in 2014 with products reaching the end of their life cycle. The new generation of these products will be released later this year and such they will not be effective before Q4 2015.  

Softing confirms its forecast for 2015 which calls for a moderate increase in revenue and an EBIT/ EBITDA based on last year’s level. There is an upswing potential to this forecast but it is too early to quantify it. The third and fourth quarter will over proportionally contribute to the 2015 numbers due to new product releases and long lead times for products of some larger purchase orders.  

The complete Quarterly Report 1/2015 with the final figures can be downloaded from the investor relations section at from May 15, 2015.



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