Ad hoc | Softing AG: Softing has decided to raise its capital

Haar, June 7th, 2017 – Today the Softing Executive Boad has decided to raise the capital of Softing from € 6.959.438,00 by up to € 695.943 to up to € 7.655.381,00 by issuing up to 695.943 new shares against cash and under the preclusion of the shareholders purchase rights. The Softing Supervisory Board has approved this decision.

The new shares are entitled to share in profits effective as of January 1st, 2017. M.M.Warburg will offer the new shares to institutional investors for purchase within a private placement. The exact number of shares being issued and the purchase price per share will be defined by the Softing Executive Board after the completion of an accellerated bookbuilding procedure.

Softing will use the capital raised to finance product development in all segments as well as to finance small and medium sized acquisitions, expected in the remaining time of 2017, in combination with debt.

The Executive Board


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