Corporate News | Softing AG (ISIN: DE0005178008, Prime Standard) concerning the acquisition of Globalmatix AG

Based in Vaduz (Liechtenstein), Globalmatix AG is a provider of integrated MVNO (Mobile Virtual Network Operator) services. The company uses its cellular telephony network license to operate its own telecommunications and telematics platform. Agreements with Tier 1 cellular network operators ensure that Globalmatix has access to first-class networks worldwide. These mobile data communications are unlocked with the company’s own eSIM (embedded SIM).

Inexpensive and secure access to data from mobile units is currently one of the key competencies required for developing the world’s fastest-growing markets. The acquisition of Globalmatix enables Softing to offer worldwide mobile data communications for vehicles and machinery in Machine-to-Machine (M2M) and Internet of Things (IoT) applications. Coverage will initially extend to Europe and North America. The strategic focus is on services that provide corporate clients with data from mobile units within a secure cloud environment. While B2C services for data or voice would also be technically possible, these are not currently part of Softing’s overall enterprise strategy.

Typical use cases with strong revenue potential include connected car services such as in-vehicle access to diagnostic data, fleet management for large companies and leasing businesses, anti-theft surveillance, GIS data, car sharing, and operational profiles for delivery/service vehicles. With the services Softing will provide in the future, heavy truck manufacturers can offer their customers entirely new business models such as pay-per-use. The cellular network license also gives Softing full access to the forthcoming 5G networks that will be needed for autonomous (or as currently, semi-autonomous) driving.

Thanks to its acquisition of Globalmatix and its team of cellular telephony specialists, Softing is now in a position to roll-out fully functional systems for its customers. Accordingly, this year will see a number of fleet trials, which will last around six to eight months given their significance for customers. By early 2019 at the latest, Softing expects to see significant new revenue from subscription models based on services driven by this acquisition.



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