Corporate News | Softing subsidiary Globalmatix wins another key account

In its search for a powerful, expandable telematics interface, ThyssenKrupp subsidiary carValoo GmbH (Essen) joined the list of companies that have opted for the xTCU Gateway and the related services offered by GlobalmatiX AG.

carValoo is committed to providing maximum transparency about vehicle condition in real time using artificial intelligence from all fleet providers, especially car sharing and car rental companies. The carValoo offering builds on its cloud-based IOT platform that collects the vehicle data transmitted over the GlobalmatiX xTCU interface and transforms it into relevant information for customers. This is then sent to fleet managers via API and app. carValoo thus provides the greatest possible clarity about a vehicle’s technical condition at any given time. In addition to remote diagnostics and information about the vehicle’s location, it includes incident detection and business-critical events in real time.

GlobalmatiX will supply over 3,000 telematics boxes together with multi-year service level agreements for this purpose. Significant growth in demand is expected in the coming years as well.

Tom Althoff, member of the Executive Board and carValoo Sales Manager:
“The GlobalmatiX xTCU interface impressed us on a number of levels: a single box for all applications, huge volume in the areas of data collection and transmission, a high level of data security, and the potential to be able to integrate other innovative software solutions at any time in the future. After all, we are only in the early stages of digitalizing fleet management.”

Alois Widmann, founder and CEO of GlobalmatiX AG:    
“Our xTCU interface constitutes a box with 1,001 possible applications in over-the-air data transfer. In collaboration with carValoo, we are first tackling the German-speaking large fleet market, which comprises several million vehicles, before going international.”

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