Ad hoc | Softing AG announces impairment of goodwill

Softing AG expects to recognize impairment losses on goodwill at Group level in the Softing IT Networks and GlobalmatiX segments in the amount of EUR 7.0 million to EUR 9.0 million at the end of year 2023.

In the IT Networks segment, the reasons for the impairment lie in the restructuring of the organization from a distribution model with third-party products to a segment with its own products and thus a changed value chain. The goodwill from the time of the acquisition based on the distribution model with third-party products will be offset by reduced future cash flows, which makes an impairment of goodwill necessary.

At GlobalmatiX, the need for impairment results from a necessary future adjustment of the sales approach in the area of key customers with a concentration on special applications and thus reduced future cash flows.

The correction of goodwill will have a negative impact on consolidated EBIT and consolidated net income for the 2023 financial year. Therefore, taking the impairments into account, Softing AG expects a consolidated EBIT of EUR -1,0 million to EUR -2,5 million for the 2023 financial year (2022: EUR 0.8 million). The target value for the consolidated EBIT before special items is forecasted at EUR 6.0 million. The Group result for the 2023 financial year is expected to be between EUR -2,5 million and EUR -4,5 million (2022: EUR -1.2 million). The impairment will have no impact on Softing’s main performance indicator “operating Group EBIT” (Group EBIT adjusted for capitalized development costs and their depreciation and amortization, as well as effects from the purchase price allocation), the Group EBITDA and the Group's cash flow.

The final adjustments will be made when the consolidated financial statements as of December 31, 2023 are prepared.



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