Remuneration System for the Supervisory Board of Softing AG

Since the 2009 financial year, each member of the Supervisory Board has received a fixed remuneration of EUR 10,000,00 for each full financial year of service on the Supervisory Board, payable after the end of the financial year. Since January 1, 2009, each member of the Supervisory Board has also received variable remuneration equaling 0.5% of consolidated EBIT before taking into account the Supervisory Board's variable remuneration. The chairman receives twice the fixed and variable remuneration, the deputy chairman one and a half times of that amount. Members of the Supervisory Board who have not been members of the Supervisory Board for a full financial year receive both types of remuneration pro rata temporis according to their length of membership on the Supervisory Board. Remuneration for all three Supervisory Board members is capped at a total of EUR 200,000.00. The members of the Supervisory Board are also reimbursed for all out-of-pocket expenses and any value-added tax payable on their remuneration and out-of-pocket expenses. The Company bears the costs of a D&O insurance policy for the members of the Supervisory Board.

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